Will you be ready for the return of the crisp fall air or another bone chilling winter?
Don’t let the cold stop you from enjoying your favorite outdoor activities.
Warm up that commute to work.
Add a favorite team logo or colorful band and you are geared up to be a stylish fan at your favorite sporting event.
It is time to glam-up your hairstyle while keeping your ears toasty warm!

    • BONUS
  • Imagine the possibilities to add gorgeous details or change the color in seconds with the decorative interchange bands. You can make an impact with a cozy winter look or add the free attachment to the bands and you will have a fun stretch headband that can be worn year round.

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    • The new versatile cold weather accessory that integrates the design elements of the fashion headband for hair styling with the practical function of earmuffs.
    • Luxurious cashmere with a smooth satin inter-lining is gentle on the hair, keeping you beautifully styled all day. You will no longer have to limit hairstyling options or sacrifice comfort and fashion for warmth.
    • Ultra slim memory flex frame allows for effortless positioning with any desired hairstyle and is easily removed without disturbing the hair. The frame can be gently molded to create a custom fit. A thin padding protects ears from the wind as well as adding to the incredible comfy fit.
    • No more destroying your hairstyle with hats, fighting that fleece headband to keep it in place or wearing the strange looking bulky circles of traditional earmuffs. You will be styling in the cold now with the new MELT MY HEART headband that offers that warm twist to keep those ears cozy and your hair always looking its best.
    • Features Aerogel Nanotechnology, the ultimate in thin thermal insulation that keeps ears toasty warm. Developed for NASA to use in space suits and the space shuttle. Made in the USA.
    • Incredibly soft faux fur cuddles the ears in bliss.
    • Easy to wear with sunglasses and earbuds. No need to remove the headband when receiving a call… keep your ears warm yet clearly hear a conversation through the thin insulation.
    • Versatility is offered with available decorative interchangeable bands that can change the look in seconds to create that perfect accessory to complete a fashion look or celebrate an event. A free non-slip attachment is included to turn the bands into a stretch headband that can be worn year round. Design options are endless. More bang for your buck!